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The only magazine of the Camino in the world


Our magazine is published by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago.

Since 1987, the year of our appearance at the I International Congress of Associations held in Jaca (Huesca),

“PEREGRINO” serves as a means of communication between associations and pilgrims and portrays the rich current reality of the millenary pilgrimage that is the Camino de Santiago.

A total of 204 copies have been published to date. It is the only publication dedicated entirely to the Camino de Santiago in the world and covers all kinds of topics. It is published every two months (bimetral).

Peregrino, ‘Revista del Camino de Santiago’ according to its subtitle, was born in September 1987 (nº 0) and since then has been published bimonthly and uninterruptedly by its editor:

Spanish Federation of Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago, Peregrino being the oldest active Spanish publication on the Camino de Santiago.

Camino de Santiago:
welcoming and pilgrimage, pilgrimage and welcoming

Last numbers published

Equity enhancement
Spanish bibliography from La Rioja.

Since its inception, the magazine has been produced, printed and distributed from La Rioja, the first years from the eminent Jacobean town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada (1987-1999) and then from the capital Logroño (1999-present), represented by our magazine Peregrino. for the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, one of its few publications of national and international scope and a cultural medium that contributes to the enrichment of the Spanish bibliographic heritage, written and published in Spanish, precisely from the same territory where the Spanish language was born back in the 10th century in San Millán de la Cogolla.

Cultural areas that enrich the Camino de Santiago.

The transversality of the Camino de Santiago is paradigmatic, since this reality that we call ‘Jacobean’ brings together geography, history, art, thought, society, etc., etc., in multiple places, territories and countries, but also occurs timelessly throughout time, so that from the magazine Pilgrim It has been necessary to constitute a publication that touches on diverse but complementary subjects, such as: Literature, Art, History, Geography, Philosophy, Human and Social Sciences, Engineering, Folklore, etc: Literature, Art, History, Geography, Philosophy, Human and Social Sciences, Engineering, Folklore, etc.

Socio-cultural action of Peregrino magazine. Double edition: paper and digital.

Likewise, the diversity of cultural fields on which the magazine focuses its attention is multiplied by means of its double edition, in paper and digital format:

  • Paper edition: Regularly published every two months, with a stable print run of 5,200 copies, distributed mainly by subscription among pilgrims and hospitaleros who are members of Spanish and foreign Jacobean associations, as well as through bookstores and other points of sale. Copy cost: 3,5 € (single issue, 52 pages) and 4 € (double issue, 68 pages).
  • Digital editionThis is the same paper edition transformed into pdf format, in free access (free of charge) for all interested parties from the Federation’s website: with the lack of the current issue/year, but with the entire historical collection of the magazine since issue 0 available to the Internet user: .

Free of charge and with the double option: viewer and/or download, with no content limit. Ideal for researchers, scholars and those interested in the Jacobean theme, because with a single ‘click’ you have automatic access to nearly 8,000 pages, in which there are published about 3,500 articles, more than 5,000 news items and nearly 9,000 black and white and color photographs.

As of this year 2022, the possibility of using a platform to get to know and subscribe to the Magazine inDigital Format has been opened.

Content assessment.

The fact that Peregrino magazine is the oldest active periodical on the Camino de Santiago that exists in Spain has meant that many of the contemporary scholars and researchers on the subject of St. James have published, and publish regularly, in the pages of our magazine. In the 33 years of existence of Peregrino magazine, 204 issues have been published up to the date of this Annual Report and nearly 3,750 articles have been published to date. which have been written by more than 510 contributing authors. total number of articles and news items (as of the date of this Report) is 6,900: All of it of high cultural interest in terms of the subjects and themes it deals with, for a better knowledge of the Jacobean fact and phenomenon, its research and analysis, as well as its dissemination through the pages of the magazine. In each issue of the magazine, its central pages are reserved for an in-depth treatment of a topic that is normally unpublished or little studied, with each issue acquiring a singular relevance in the Jacobean bibliography, both nationally and internationally, because in the pages of Pilgrim all topics related to the Camino de Santiago and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, whether from the particularity, the localism, the generality or the universality.

Design to show an extensive and intense cultural reality.

It has already been seen how the cultural reality that is the object of Peregrino magazine is extensively and intensely expanded in space (territory) and in time (history). Today, the Caminos de Santiago recovered in Spain exceed 30,000 kilometers and in European countries as a whole this value is tripled. The ‘how’ to show aesthetically and formally in the pages of Peregrino the dense Jacobean cultural reality is supported by the new design and layout in use since October 2016 in the pages of our magazine (no. 1679

Design that stands out for the novel concept applied to the ‘Cover’ of the magazine, type ‘stained glass’, consisting of a large photograph of Potada edited in blood, which is crossed with two translucent colored stripes that cause the reader a ‘stained glass’ effect, but are the areas reserved for composing the title of the magazine (top), date and number (cross of the translucent stripes. This aesthetic concept applied to the cover is very unusual in the national and international press, and Peregrino is at the forefront of this journalistic iconographic genre.

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